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Un espoir pour demain.

Non-profit association created in January 2021. We work for the defense and the reception of cats in difficulty or destined for euthanasia because the pounds have not been able to find the owner. Cats taken care of are sterilized, identified and if necessary treated then placed in foster care while waiting to find them a home and a family that will love them. For this we need you and the smallest donation is important to them. Thank you.

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Become godfather/godmother of our senior Poissirène

Poissirène taken care of by the association is a sociable cat whose age is estimated between 10 and 12 years old. FIV positive test and suspicion of metritis, requires expensive care for the association. To help us take care of her, you can become a godfather/godmother by participating for the monthly amount you want. Your participation will be used to pay the bills for the care necessary for his well-being. Help us for his well-being.