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Help the dogs & cats of Peter Giesen in Greece

Peter Giesen lives in Greece, with 43 dogs and 5 cats. He rescues them, and tries to find homes for them, as soon as they are ready for adoption. With a small pension and so many costs for food, medical expenses and taxi drives to the animal vet it's no longer possible to come around every month. Please help! With this teaming group we hope to collect monthly a nice amount to donate to lower the financial stress and provide food for the animals.

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Stichting Superkatten

Stichting Superkatten zet zich belangeloos in voor verwilderde zwerfkatten. De katten worden na zichtmelding gevangen en behandeld volgens de TNR methode (Trap Neuter Return). Soms worden ook nestjes met kittens aangetroffen. De kittens worden dan gesocialiseerd en vinden hun weg naar gezinnen die er graag een willen hebben. Stichting Superkatten is een non-profit organisatie wat betekent dat alle kosten zelf betaald worden.

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Stichting Dogs from Spain

Stichting Dogs from Spain provides home and care for various dogs (from Spain, but also from other countries) with physical or mental issues: dogs who are afraid of humans, can't adjust to living in a " normal" household, handicapped dogs (blind, lame) and for " just" old dogs saved from horrible lives. All dogs can live inside, we do not use kennels!! Please follow us also on FB: Stichting Dogs from Spain.