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Support Madago School in Kenya

We are developing projects with the Madago Primary School in Kenya, designed to support teachers, learners and the community, in order to overcome the hurdle of lack of access to quality education for children. We have a complex approach, designing programs for material support, medical services, sponsorships, computer & IT classes, extra support for adolescent girls. There is a lot to be done :) your support is appreciated! For more details you can access www.youngsteps-kenya.org

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En Teaming trabajamos cada día para que miles de causas sociales puedan alcanzar sus propósitos. Desde que lanzamos Teaming, entre todos, hemos conseguido más de 50 millones de euros íntegros para ellas. Teaming es 100% gratuito y sin comisiones gracias a donaciones que recibimos y los Teamers de este Grupo. Nuestro sueño es llegar a ser autosostenibles gracias a los Teamers para no depender de nadie más. ¡Ayúdanos a ayudar!

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Concrete Rockers NGO

Concrete Rockers, born in 2017 as a vibrant Hip Hop Crew, we brought together the 4 elements of the culture: Breaking, DJing, MCing and Graffiti. Evolving into a non-profit organization, we've harnessed the positive values of Hip Hop Culture with structure and purpose. Based in Cluj-Napoca, we have created a cultural center where we work with children from foster homes and disadvantaged backgrounds trying to help them grow through our crafts. Help us grow the Youth Cultural Center!