The Pegasus Sanctuary

The Pegasus Sanctuary

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The Pegasus Sanctuary is dedicated to the rescue, care and rehoming of equines in need, most of which are destined for Italian abattoirs. We rely entirely on donations so that we can provide the best lives and chances for the horses, ponies and donkeys in our care. Your compassion and generosity will make a desperately needed difference and help us rescue more equines from suffering and neglect. Based in rural Normandy, the Sanctuary is a registered French charity, Association Loi de 1901.

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Funds for The Pegasus Sanctuary

The Pegasus Sanctuary - Felicity Taylor

A very big thank you to every one of our Teamers. This month's total will once again be going towards our substantial vet bill. A very big thank you for your continuing support. We honesty couldn’t do this without you xxx

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Pip Meadows-Jones

21/08/2020 09:42 h

Hi all, I think I've just become your hundreth 'teamer'! Felicity and co, I think you do a marvellous job and I think this is an absolutely fabulous idea. I support a lot of animal charities. If they all used this system I'd be able to support even more :-) and I'm sure they engage with a larger audience. I have shared on fb and twitter xoxo

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