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Save the Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are in danger due to human activities.In southern Italy,in Brancaleone,there is a rescue center where few and tireless volunteers,without funds,are rescuing the turtles victims of fishing (bycatch) and plastic pollution,since to 2006,to release them into the sea as soon as they are healed. By supporting our project with 1euro per month, you will contribute to the purchase of medicines, food and new recovery tanks.You will also support our environmental education programs for schools.

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Animal Empathy Onlus

Abused, killed, abandoned. This is the fate of many animals in southern Calabria (Italy). And it is here, in Brancaleone, that Animal Empathy Onlus is born, so that no animal is denied a second chance at life. Not only sea turtles, we rescue a large number of species, especially wild animals, victims of hunting, poaching, illegal farms. With 1 euro a month you will help us to support emergencies and save many more animals.

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A small corner of the world, where individuals of different species live together and fight side by side, against all forms of abuse. The Nelloporcello antispecist Sanctuary, where live Animals that survived the food industry (pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits), is a project that belongs to "L'Arcobaleno di Olivia", an association for the protection of animal rights, promoting a antispecist , vegan and cruelty free lifestyle.

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Fattoria Capre e Cavoli

Fattoria Capre e Cavoli, un'oasi di serenità ed allegria per tutti! Per gli animali, in particolare quelli considerati "da reddito", che qui vengono sottratti a sfruttamento e abbandono, e potranno vivere per il resto della loro vita liberi, curati, e coccolati; e per i visitatori, in particolar modo i bambini, che potranno imparare a conoscere ed a rispettare la Vita in tutte le sue forme, sicuri che non tarderanno ad amare e coccolare i più di sessanta ospiti che vivono felici nel Rifugio!