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Support to the association Fédération Petite Thérèse of Humanitarian Animal Protection. * Action: To rescue, to care for the wanderers, to offer them a shelter until adoption. Project : Create a Refuge. * Our adress : Fédération Petite Thérèse (FPTH), 15 rue Marie de Besneray à LISIEUX (14100) en France.

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We are looking for Nice Teamers to provide costly medical treatment for Animals in Distress. Thank you in advance for joining our Group.

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The nice LINDA was wandering in Fez Morocco when she was about 8 months old. Unfortunately, the Crusaders in Morocco have very little chance to find a Family. Linda came to France to live with our Association. Unfortunately during her wandering, she was contaminated to the vagina by sarcoma of Sticker, expansive tumor completely curable by radiation in oncology, total cost 3526 €. Quickly Tontons and Tatas for his care and gives 1 € per month. In advance Thank you all.

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I have the pleasure to present to you this little life, Nina born in Casablanca in the street who had the chance to survive on this land thanks to the rescue of Fédération Petite Thérèse (FPTH) and to the L'Arche de Noé refuge in Marrakech which the guard.

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For the rescue of injured and sick Stray Dogs and Cats in Morocco. They are in dire need of medical care and food. Teaming is a good solution to buy kibbles every month. Be numerous.

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Monthly support for the rescues of Roxy Pitsho in Casablanca in Morocco, in veterinary care and food for animals without family, stray, sick, injured, ... Regular monitoring on Facebook. Thank you in advance to all the friends.

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Secours du refuge des miraculeux. Votre don de 1 € pour nourrir, déparasiter et soigner 35 chiens. La personne qui finançait le refuge est malheureusement décédée. D'avance merci pour votre participation.

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Adoption et Rapatriement des Chiens et Chats de l'étranger - France

La asociación ARCCE ayuda a las personas de países extranjeros (las que salvan a los animales de su país a pesar de sus medios limitados), pero también a las personas y los que deambulan por Francia. El objetivo es tratar, lograr el cumplimiento de la salud y ser adoptado. Sin ayuda es muy complicado y el soporte es muy bajo. ¡Contamos contigo!