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Ligue Universelle pour la Nature et les Animaux

La Ligue Universelle pour la Nature et les Animaux est une association qui œuvre pour les animaux (toutes espèces) et pour la planète. Nous accueillons les 140 animaux dans notre sanctuaire: veaux, chèvres, moutons, oies, chats et chiens. Nous avons besoin de vous pour offrir le meilleur aux animaux !

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Association G.A.L.G.O.S

Groupe d'aide aux lévriers espagnols dont les buts sont de secourir, d'une façon concrète, les refuges et de faire adopter des chiens pour leur éviter une vie derrière les barreaux ou pire encore la mort.

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La Ferme des Rescapés

La asociación La Ferme des Rescapés, creada en 2009, se encuentra en el sur de Francia (departamento de Lot), en una granja orgánica. Administrado por dos mujeres, salva a cientos de animales de granja y compañeros maltratados, abandonados, destinados a la matanza o la eutanasia. Su finca de 29 hectáreas es un remanso de paz para los 600 supervivientes: gatos, perros, caballos, ponies, burros, gallinas, ovejas, cabras, Nac ... No hay reproducción.

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NALA 85480

Please help Maggy one of the rescue cats of NALA85480 "Hello, I am Maggy, During my short life I have already lived through a lot. I was born in a family which wanted nothing to do with us. Thus they abandoned me, with my 3 sisters and my 2 brothers in a cardboard box, at the edge of a road in the countryside, here in the Vendée. We were only 2 days old... Read the rest of Maggy's story here:

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Association "Vénus"

"On n’a pas un coeur pour les hommes et un coeur pour les animaux. On a un seul coeur ou pas du tout". Alphonse de Lamartine (1790-1869) Je suis Didier Talou-Blanchard, le président de l'association "Vénus", association Bordelaise de Protection et de Défense des Animaux.

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Protection Animale Charente

The association aims to denounce the living conditions of all animals victims of oppression and ill-treatment and the protection and rescue of animals. In 2017, we created a shelter that has already taken care of over 100 animals of different species: pigs, sheeps, goats, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice. . . collected after abandonment, abuse or rehabilitated laboratories.

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Little Phœnix Sanctuary

L-PEA, french activist and antispecist NGO, fight for the abolition of meat and all animals' products. Our vocation, in addition to sensitization and field campaigns of opposition, is to rescue "farm" animals who suffer from the exploitation we condemn. This group has been created to raise funds for their daily cares. More informations (in french, soon in english !) :

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Solidarity for the sanctuary of the collective 269 Liberation Animale

This group was created to help with the management costs (veterinary costs, purchase of hay / straw, acquisition of the necessary materials for the infrastructures ...) of the antispeciesist sanctuary created by the collective 269 Liberation Animale.