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Stefanie Wirth


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Katzenhilfe e.V Pfotenschutz Bulgarien

A German association for strays: Katzenhilfe e.V. Pfotenschutz Bulgaria. Their lives are torturous, death terrible, and they reproduce very quickly. Approximately 350 animals are waiting for care and neutering. We are responsible for regulating the number and educating people! The smallest or disabled cats are waiting for placement. Our animals rely on EVERY euro and ask for support. The accounting department in Germany ensures that every € arrives.

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Pfotenfreunde Varna

Pfotenfreunde Varna is a bulgarian registered nonprofit organization founded by a group of volunteers. We are dedicated to rescue as many paw friends as possible from suffering on the streets. In our opinion the primary way to save so many lives is by means of prevention. We believe that reducing the overpopulation will lead to fewer animals subjected to cruelty and abuse. We are an all-volunteer group and we need your support. You can help saving lives by donating for neuter a homeless animal.