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home for horses e.V.

We have a sanctuary in the beautiful Hunsrück area in Germany. We take care of school horses that are too old for working in the riding arena. These horses often work until they are too old or get severe health issues . Then they either get sold, or land up at the slaughterhouse. We feel that especially these horses deserve to have a few more worthy years among friends. For more details checkout our website: ps: We are an official and registered charity NGO in Germany! :)

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Stichting Dogs from Spain

Stichting Dogs from Spain provides home and care for various dogs (from Spain, but also from the Netherlands and Belgium) with physical or mental issues. We have room for approximately 30 permanent residents and for three foster dogs. Many elderly Braques have a home here after being saved from perrera's. Also some galgos and some small dogs. All dogs can live inside, we don't use kennels!! we need help with medical bills but also for general care. FB: Stichting Dogs from Spain.

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1 Euro für Home for dogs

Home for dogs unterstützt Tiere, im besonderen Hunde im in und Ausland. Langzeitpflegehunde wie Arielle brauchen Uns.Pemsionskosten, die Kosten für medizinische Versorgung und die Unterstützung von Tierschützern, die es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht haben besonders die ärmsten der Armen zu retten, brauchen Hilfe. Jeder Euro zählt... mach mit bei der 1 Euro Spendenaktion , 1 Euro im Monat ... danke an alle die mitmachen