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This group has been created with the sole purpose of being able to help to pay for food and to cover some of the expenses generated by the dogs we have waiting to be adopted.

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Colonia gatuna semi abandonada que me hice cargo hace casi un año Soy Soy Jonás, adoradora de gatos, alimentadora y rescatista. He creado este grupo para tener algo de ayudita en su alimentación, darles atención veterinaria y una mejor calidad de vida. Todo con mucho amor! ♥️

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Stone Man Syndrome. Help to baby Dídac.

We have created the association because we have a baby with a serious ultra-rare disease that is the 3rd case registered in Spain. He needs a lot of physiotherapy treatment to avoid becoming paralyzed. We need help to pay for medical expenses and travel to hospitals and therapy centers. Every grain of sand adds up. Thank you for joining us. More info: