Sigrid Torralbo Perez

Sigrid Torralbo Perez


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Protectora de Animales Anahi Gran Canaria

The ANAHI Animal Protector Gran Canaria does impressive work. Despite a lack of resources, they have rescued dogs from terrible conditions, some with very little chance of survival, and they have brought them back to life in an amazing way. Volunteers face an uphill struggle to keep helping dogs: donations are in short supply, but cases of abandonment and mistreatment keep increasing. PLEASE, WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP. Web:

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Educational, cultural and animal protection association located in Castellón, which helps homeless dogs and cats; encourages their adoption; awareness and educates to prevent abandonment. With your help, we will be able to continue providing veterinary care, carrying out urgent operations and covering the basic expenses of the animals that we rescue and that are under our care while we look for a definitive family for them. Together we will get it! You join?

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Hospital Sant Joan de Déu: ¿te unes al reto?

En el Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona tenemos un reto: crear un centro específico para tratar el cáncer infantil. Nuestro objetivo: incrementar la capacidad de curación y ofrecer una atención integral y personalizada, que no discrimine por motivos económicos. El centro atenderá 400 nuevos niños y niñas cada año y contará con 40 habitaciones, 8 cámaras TPH, 30 boxes de hospital de día y 20 consultas externas. Queremos que sea una realidad en 2020 y necesitamos la ayuda de todos.

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En APILAM promocionamos la lactancia materna: es un derecho de las mujeres y sus bebés. Es un asunto de salud pública. Lo dice la OMS. Nos conoces, gestionamos el proyecto e-Health, donde mujeres y profesionales de la salud pueden consultar la compatibilidad de la lactancia materna con medicamentos, plantas, enfermedades… Cada año resolvemos más de nueve millones de consultas a más de un millón y medio de personas de 184 países. Con tu apoyo salvamos lactancias.

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Ayuda a los gatitos de Huellas Callejeras

Group created to meet the needs of those cats that live on the street. Some have to be hospitalized urgently in order to save them and others run the risk of dying if they are not rescued, as is the case with babies. By joining you will be helping us to give them that veterinary attention they need, to sterilize them, in the construction of huts so that they can protect themselves from inclement weather and with their diet.

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Construction of a decent shelter with dry beds

After finding a piece of land that we can pay for monthly (350 euros), without forgetting the essential expenses of our proteges, and managing to build 8 huts, we have not been able to continue its conditioning. After each rainy season the Refuge continues to flood. With your help, we will be able to cover the monthly cost of having a place for them and continue to prepare the shelter so that they can feel safe and warm. We are his last hope.