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Siegel Kristina


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Teneriffas Sonnenkinder e.V.

Das Team von Teneriffas Sonnenkinder e.V. hat es sich von Herzen zum Ziel gesetzt notleidenden Katzen in den Perreras insbesondere auf Teneriffa zu helfen und diesen ein neues, schönes Zuhause für immer zu finden. Wir unterstützen und kooperieren mit den Vereinen: pro Animal Gomera, Defense Animal and Manos Amigas de los Animales de Tenerife. Wir helfen bei der Vermittlung und medizinischen Versorgung der Katzen, bei Kastrationen und dem Bau einer Auffangstation.

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Aktion Tierisch Happy e.V.

We are a small animal rescue group in Germany, located near Frankfurt. We have several projects within Germany and other European Countries. We fight every day for homeless dogs and cats and are happy and thankful for any kind of help. The money raised via teaming is used for our castration project in Spain.

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"Lovely dogs for adoption" Families and Friends

Dear friends of the "Lovely dogs for adoption", With only 1 € per month we secure Serbian fur noses and enable abandoned dogs and of course kittens a safe home until adoption. We live with our dogs, are available 24/7 for our furry friends and families. With only 1 € you become part of the whole. We are a properly registered association in Serbia and are listed under Lovely dogs Serbia or Divni psi Srbije. Our regis number is 28313306 and the tax ID 112278920 in APR. Your lovelies