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No Name Kitchen

In the last few years Serbia and Bosnia have become transit countries for those people forced to flee from the conflicts of their places of origin. The kitchen is not only a place to distribute food, but also a social hub, a meeting point to share stories, play games, etc. As well as the donations, every hand is needed to move forward, so contact us if you want to volunteer!

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Con 1€ mangiano 7 bambini in Gambia

Siamo Asturies per l'Africa, una ONG asturiana che lavora dal 2008 in Gambia. Abbiamo costruito una scuola materna nella città di N'dunghu Kebbeh, dove sono iscritti 120 studenti tra i 3 ei 7 anni. Istruzione, uniformi, materiale scolastico e un pasto quotidiano (in molti casi l'unico che possono avere) sono gratuiti. Con solo € 1, 7 bambini della scuola materna mangiano ogni giorno! Ci piacerebbe che tu entrassi nel nostro gruppo per aiutare la loro alimentazione.

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Espertar Animal Siero

Somos una asociación animalista, en la que nos ocupamos de los animales abandonados y aquellos que necesiten ayuda. Solo contamos con tu solidaridad, para poder seguir continuando nuestra labor. Gracias!!

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A.D.S.N. Acción Directa Sierra Norte

A.D.S.N. It's a O.N.G. Founded in Spain in June 2.016. Until September 2.019, the "Móvil Kitchen" and "Panadería Lujan" projects have been operating in Polikastro and Lesvos, both in Greece. From there, the collection and shipment of several containers of humanitarian aid to Greece continued. The last shipment was made in January 2.021. We are now starting another new project in Spain, while continuing to help the refugees who are still in Greece in the distance.