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Pet's Rescue France

This association aims to protect pets from mistreatment, disappearance of their owner. The association takes care of their well-being and provides for all their needs until their placement in an adoptive family, ready to meet the needs and bring all the good care necessary to the animal. Inform the population, help those who have difficulties with their animals, make sterilization actions and fighting for real recognition of the animal.

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L'Education pour lutter contre la pauvreté

Giving one euro to Defi, is giving the best chance for children to access education. It also helps fight inequalities. Our goal is to implement teacher training sessions in rural areas in Madagascar and Togo. We ensure this through fun scientific animations to address useful daily demands, for example: health, environment, hygiene, equality etc. Thank for your support, we could be able to give the opportunity for poor countries to grow.

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Provide the food to 60 poors kids

Provide the food to 60 poors Cambodians kids, this is a project from AMUR. 1€ = 2 meals

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1001 pat'

1001 pat' est une association de protection animale. Le but de cette association est de recueillir les animaux abandonnés, errants ou maltraités, de les soigner et les mettre à jour au niveau vétérinaire avant de les proposer à l'adoption. Chaque mois, nous luttons pour régler nos factures qui sont toujours de plus en plus élevées. Un petit coup de pouce serait donc le bienvenu pour aider nos 1001 pat' à avoir une vie meilleure ! :)