Le Coeur sur la Patte|Sunshine Animal Refuge Agadir

Le Coeur sur la Patte|Sunshine Animal Refuge Agadir

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La SARA abrite plus de 900 anciens chiens de rue, 150 chats et beaucoup équidés secourus de la région d'Agadir. Tous les dons serviront à payer l'alimentation, les soins et le soutien des animaux dans le refuge. Chaque mois, nous devons trouver de l'argent pour payer les factures alimentaires, couvrir les salaires du personnel minimal qui s'occupe des animaux, le carburant pour le véhicule et les factures vétérinaires. La nourriture coûte à elle seule plus de 10 000 € par mois.

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Feeding the Dogs

Association le Coeur sur la Patte - SARA Morocco

This team is set up to help feed the 700 plus dogs rescued from Agadir streets in 2018 after the local authorities effectively ended the TNR program. These dogs are now living in a refuge outside Agadir called Sunshine Animal Refuge Agadir. Every month we need to feed the dogs, pay staff wages, make sure all the animals receive any medical treatment they need, have water and shelter. Every month we need every penny, every Euro that you can send us. Thank you

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Hazel Skeet
Hazel Skeet
Teaming Manager

24/08/2021 08:29 h

Hallo Teamers

Teaming recently tightened up on how they ensure that donations made are sent to the project. I am no longer able to have the donations sent to my personal bank account and then forwarded to the refuge but have to have them sent to the bank account of a recognised charity.

We have just set up a UK Registered charity called Morocco Animal Welfare Support Souss to provide support in fundraising and governance to Moroccan registered charities. You can see more a bit more about it at www.mawss.org. From now on all funds collected through Teaming will be transferred to Le Coeur sur la Patte and Sunshine Animal Refuge Agadir via MAWSS.

Thank you for your support

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Petra Bryce
Petra Bryce

20/11/2020 20:08 h

Animal Webaction's campaign succeeded: https://www.animalwebaction.com/en/collectes/8343/croquettes-sos-famine-750-chiens-au-maroc-le-coeur-sur-la-patte/

I checked about 15 minutes before the end and there were still over 1000 euros missing. I'm so relieved I'm crying! Thank you to everyone who donated. x

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Petra Bryce
Petra Bryce

19/11/2020 20:05 h

Urgent! Please help by making a donation for food: https://www.animalwebaction.com/en/collectes/8343/croquettes-sos-famine-750-chiens-au-maroc-le-coeur-sur-la-patte/

Less than a quarter has been collected so far, and there is less than a day left. I've already donated twice, but I've no money left. If everyone in this group donated something and shared with their friends, I'm sure the target could be reached!

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