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Help for Ukrainian animals

We support 2 projects , in the cities of Chuguev and Ismajil . It is important for us to carry out active animal protection in our own country, our priorities are neutering whether of roads – animals as well as of animals of private persons. Raising awareness to give the animals a voice. We build quarantine & infirmary, animal welfare is just as important to us as humanitarian aid, because this is the only way it can work, “NOT ONE, BUT TONE”

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Asociacion Protectora de Animales Olyvia

Asociacion Protectora de Animales de Carboneras (Almeria)

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Tierhilfe Bluemoon & Pfötchenfreunde

Die "Tierhilfe - Bluemoon & Pfötchenfreunde e.V. " kümmert sich um den lokalen, nationalen und internationalen Tierschutz. Wir setzen unsere ganze Kraft ein, um möglichst vielen armen Fellnasen zu helfen. Seit dem 07.10.2009 sind wir als besonders gemeinnütziger Verein anerkannt. Unser aktuelles Projekt liegt in Russland, genauer gesagt in Abakan in Sibirien. Damit ist vielleicht schon klar, dass es einige Hürden gibt, die es gilt zu meistern. Wir freuen uns über jede Hilfe

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ANCA HELPS ANIMALS - ANCA HILFT TIEREN mean Devotion,mean Huge Love for animals,mean Understanding of pure souls. I am not alone: friends from Germany, Switzerland, Austria helps me to go on to save abandoned animals in Romania, for almost 8 years.To support all these animals, to keep them healthy and happy, I have every day a battle, of which, almost always, I come out victorious.I know for sure that together we can save lives of animals, that together we can bring happiness in their lives