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New Life 4 Spanish Animals e.V.

We are a small group who rescue animals in southern Spain, Murcia. As a few people rescue abandoned and needy animals and take care of them locally, in Germany we collect money and home those animals. The basics of our organization are conscientiousness, good medical care and transparency. This includes castrations as well as medical checks and tests for our animals. Taking care of mistreated animals until they are able to be rehomed costs such a lot. Each euro counts!

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Rescue Group for Spanish Animals & ALMA

Our group saves the mistreated and abandonned animals mostly in Granada in Spain. The group has been run for many years by Maria Gloria Salinas-Picon. All dogs that we take on as a group are taken first to the vet and treated irrespective of costs. For those who cannot go to a foster residency is paid which is 90E each month. All dogs will have a full health check, micro-chips and vaccinations as well as a passport. Pictures and videos are published on the FaceBook page of the group.

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Amics de ses Animals de Cadaqués

Associació que es dedica a la cura i control de ses colònies de gats de Cadaqués =^.^=