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I gatti FeLV di Samanta e altre meraviglie

I'm Samanta Feinberg, a volunteer from Rome. I frequently get requests for help regarding FeLV cats. Finding adoption for leukemic cats is not easy; for this reason in my house I have created a small cattery dedicated to them. Often they arrive in difficult conditions and need to be restored to health, but their problems require tests and hospitalizations. A little help from each can make a difference for us, thank you very much!

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I am Teresa Mazzella, a volunteer that takes care of abandoned cats of Ischia. I manage a small shelter hosting about 50 cats, that often I save from abandoning and dangerous situations. In addition to the shelter I also take care of stray cats around my town, providing food, neutering and veterinary care and all these expenses can't be sustained by only one person! I do not receive public funds, I just use my money... Please help me!

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La Casetta Dei Gatti

We are a cat shelter that houses between 120 and 140 cats, many of which are now old and in need of constant medical care. In addition, every summer we take in many kittens that sadly very often contract infections and diseases that require long and expensive treatments. We cannot make it alone!

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Gatti del Torrino

Siamo Carlo e Stefania. Da più di 20 anni nutriamo numerose colonie feline a Roma facendo affidamento solo sulle nostre risorse. Giornalmente seguiamo oltre 200 gatti tra quelli di strada e in casa e 6 cani. Pensiamo al loro benessere dal cibo alle cure veterinarie. Adesso abbiamo bisogno del vostro aiuto. Per questo abbiamo deciso di farci conoscere per cercare persone disposte ad aiutarci in questo impegno infinito. Siete la nostra forza ad andare avanti. grazie di cuore Carlo e Stefania