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Support for Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary

Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary was the first farmed animal sanctuary established in all of South America in 2009 and is the only one existing in Colombia, where they currently take care for 80 rescued animals. They believe that EDUCATION, STERILIZATION, and RECONNECTION are the keys to make the world a better place for all animals.

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Asociación Valencia Perrera Dogs

- a volunteer group who help to save the lives of the dogs on death row in the Valencia Perrera Municipal; a council-owned pound with a kill policy. We try to find rescue spaces and adoptions for the dogs and try to raise money to take dogs out in emergency situations.

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"La Esperanza del Sur" (refugio canino)

"La Esperanza del Sur" es un refugio canino situado en el sur de Tenerife. Actualmente cuenta con más de 150 perros y no recibe ningún tipo de subvención gubernamental ni municipal, contando tan sólo con las donaciones altruistas. "La Esperanza del Sur" is an animalshelter in the south of Tenerife. It does not receive any government help and survives thanks donations. "La Esperanza del Sur" is een dieren Asiel in Zuid Tenerife, ontvangt geen enkele hulp en is afhankelijk van donaties.

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SOS Straathonden Turkije

We are a group of volunteers who fight for stray dogs in Turkey under the guidance of the founders Marina and Julie. These poor dogs live in terrible conditions, to be overrun for fun, to be chained up .. and to be maltreated, starved and hurt. Mother Marina runs a shelter in Turkey itsself and daughter Julie does the follow up from Belgium and travels back and forth often ... they catch the dogs, give them food and care and find them a good home. Out of love for the animals