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Unterstützung für Mazedonische Tiere

Ihr Lieben, wir unterstützen Mazedonien, da es dort kaum Tierschutz gibt. Täglich leiden dort Tiere auf der Straße. Wir brauchen dringend Futter und Medikamente. Offene Pensionskosten verschaffen uns schlaflose Nächte. Bitte unterstützt die armen und vergessene Seelen mit 1 Euro.

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Teamer desde:  25/11/2020

Die Niemandshunde von Bihać

We are a small but very strong-willed team, which made it its mission to take care of the forgotten and abandoned dogs of the streets and garbage dump of the city of Bihac in the northwest of Bosnia, to alleviate their suffering and above all to show them that not all people are bad, and that their fate does not leave us unaffected.

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Streunerhilfe Mazedonien e.V.

WIR HELFEN HUNDEN UND KATZEN IN MAZEDONIEN: Vermittlung nach Deutschland und innerhalb Mazedonien, Aufklärung der Bevölkerung, Fütterung der Straßentiere, Kastrationen, Rettung verletzter und ausgesetzte Tiere. ♥️ We help dogs and cats in Macedonia: Finding them a new home in Macedonia and Germany, feeding the strays, spay and neuter, saving them when they are hurt or abandoned, educating the population.

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Hoffnung für heimatlose Seelen e.V.

We are a very young Organisation, foundet in May 2019. We are headquartered in Leinburg/Germany and supporting some animal rescuers in Constanta/ Romania and Skopje/Macedonia. Our goal is to support the rescuers local and help them with finding homes for the rescued animals. We would be very thankful for every help, every Euro or every donations in kind. Your team from Hoffnung für heimatlose Seelen e.V. (hope for homeless souls)

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Smeura - Tierhilfe Hoffnung helfen aufzuklären, Überpopulation durch Kastra

As per Guinnes Book of World Rekords the Smeura is bearing the mournful title of being the biggest animal shelter of the world. Around 5400 dogs and 600 puppies need around 2.7 tonnes food per day. The staff members are doing an inconceivable job - organizationally, physically and emotionally. Driving around with a castration van and pushing the clearing up of the locals. Every euro is needed. There are some pictures in the project description.