Rosa Sadurní Sardà


Teaming Manager in 2 Groups

Teamer in 2 Groups

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Poso sostre a Barcelona_Fundació Arrels

Arrels treballa perquè ningú dormi al carrer. Des de 1987 hem acompanyat més de 16.100 persones sense llar en el seu camí cap a l’autonomia, oferint orientació i serveis útils d’allotjament, alimentació i atenció social i sanitària. Comptem amb el suport de 78 treballadors i treballadores i més de 400 persones voluntàries que col·laboren per fer possible #ningúdormintalcarrer.

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Teaming Manager since:   19/06/2012

Fundacion Intheos - against cancer

This Group was created by NTT DATA employees, who have decided to collaborate with the Intheos Foundation. This entity works for finding effective therapies against cancer, based on the development of R+D+i. Intheos Foundation also works on creating awareness with the goal of providing comprehensive care to patients and their families.

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Durante la pandemia reconvertimos nuestra actividad, y ahora que ya hemos vuelto a 17 de los 27 servicios, la cura emocional es vital para pacientes, familiares y personal sanitario. Las personas hospitalizadas son uno de los colectivos más vulnerables. ¡Colabora para hacer posible estas visitas!

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Teamer since:  02/03/2022

NTT DATA with Ukraine

At NTT DATA, we want to show our support to our Ukrainian colleagues and to all the people who are living through these difficult times. More than 500K Ukrainians - this number is increasing every hour - have crossed the border becoming refugees, mainly women and children, who have waited 40-50 hours in freezing temperatures, and tens of thousands have been forced to displace inside the country. Our help means water, blankets, and tarps for them. Join us for 1€/month!