NTT DATA con Ucrania

NTT DATA con Ucrania

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Desde NTT DATA queremos mostrar nuestro apoyo a los compañeros ucranianos de la compañía y a todas las personas que están viviendo estos momento tan complicados. Más de 7,7 millones de ucranianos se han desplazado internamente y 8,7 han cruzado la frontera convirtiéndose en refugiados, principalmente mujeres y niños (cifras junio 2022). Nuestra ayuda supone comida, agua, lonas, ayudas económicas directas y apoyo psicológico y legal. ¿Te unes con 1€/mes?

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Helping the refugees in Ukraine


We are supporting UNHCR to help Ukrainian refugees who have been forced to move inside the country and Ukrainians who have crossed the borders. UNHCR is helping them with protection, coordination, core relief items, multipurpose cash assistance, and legal and psychological assistance. They have already started reconstruction works in Ukraine. With the number of Teamers we are now, we will be able to raise enough funds to repair six houses next year. Currently, our contribution buys 2500L of water every month for Ukrainians. You will find further information on the document below.

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Teaming Manager

12/07/2022 17:31 h

Dear NTT DATA colleagues,

We are proud to announce that we have made our first Teaming donation to UNHCR/ACNUR. The organization has sent us a message of thanks and encourages us to continue helping in this way. The situation is still terrible, but the donations have started to decrease. Even in the unlikely event that the conflict is to end today, Ukrainians will need our help for years to come. However, once Ukraine is no longer in the news, it will be much more difficult for UNHCR to get support - as has happened before in Syria or Afghanistan. So, they have reiterated to us that this recurring support is what they need most.

In the “destination of the funds” section, you will find more information about how our aid is helping and also further data about the current situation.

We have committed to send them the donation quarterly. They will keep us informed of the progress and news. You will also find a link in the main page of this Teaming Group to consult anytime you want the UNCHR official webpage with data of the conflict frequently updated.

Thank you very much for all your support! We encourage you to share this Teaming Group with more colleagues. We hope that every month there will be more of us!

Best regards,

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