NTT DATA with Ukraine

NTT DATA with Ukraine

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At NTT DATA, we want to show our support to our Ukrainian colleagues and to all the people who are living through these difficult times. More than 500K Ukrainians - this number is increasing every hour - have crossed the border becoming refugees, mainly women and children, who have waited 40-50 hours in freezing temperatures, and tens of thousands have been forced to displace inside the country. Our help means water, blankets, and tarps for them. Join us for 1€/month!

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Ukraine refugees


We are supporting UNHCR in Ukraine, where the entity is delivering blankets, sleeping mats and other essentials to Kryvyi Rig in central Ukraine, where more than 700 Ukrainians have arrived in recent days in search of safety. Also on Ukraine's borders with Poland, Romania, Moldova and Hungary. Each Teamer means water to a refugee, and every 6 Teamers means a blanket. Join us to help them!

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