Rosa Boira

Rosa Boira

Barcelona, Spanien

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CADASIL es una enfermedad minoritaria que afecta a las pequeñas arterias cerebrales, produciendo múltiples ictus y demencia hacia los 50 años. Es una enfermedad hereditaria autosómica dominante, es decir se transmite de padres a hijos, afectando al 50% de estos. NO tiene cura, por eso es tan importante la investigación que está llevando a cabo el Laboratorio de Farmacogenómica y Genética Neurovascular de St.Pau que se financia a través de donativos. Necesitamos tu ayuda para seguir investigando.

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Alba is an inteligent funny and amusing girl. Although we well could say “was”, as a terrible tragic accident happened on fateful march 21st 2016. A relative, who was in a shock due to an epileptic attack, let Alba fall from a third floor. Alba saved her life, but a strong brain damage remains on her. Now, we have a long neurorehabilitation process left ahead to see how much she can recover and become herself again a bit. Help us!

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Arrels Fundació (Official)

Arrels Fundació is an organization that, for 30 years has been serving the most vulnerable people who live on the streets of Barcelona. Accompanies them to achieve a more autonomous life, covering the basic needs: accomodation and social and health care. Arrels has served more than 11.500 homeless people, working to sensitize people, denounce unjust situations and provide solutions to administrations and civil society to make possible the goal #nobodysleepingonthestreet.