Roma Cesare Stray Cat's in Athen

Roma Cesare Stray Cat's in Athen

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Without paying rent 360 Euro of my flat, I have to leave and the animals must back on street. I am an animal rights activist in Athens and currently take care of 150 of my own cats and also a few cat colonies and other strays. I need financial support for food, renting the cat house, vet costs, neutering and much more. Please help me take care of the animals.

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Marianna Adam

I, Marianna Adam, am an animal welfare activist and rescue stray cats in Athen Piräus, which are ill and need help or kitten near death. I bring them to vet for treatment and castration and try to find a home for many of them. Also I feed stray cats that live in groups outside in the streets or at places, where they are allowed to live and people let them there. The cats, which I rescued and which are to ill, to be adopted, I have at a my little shelter, but I need Support to buy food for all cats I have, Sand, vitamins, medicaments. I need money for rent of the cat home, for vet, energy and water. So I need Support for help for my 150 cats, because I cannot do alone. You can look in Facebook on my group:

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Marianna Adam
Marianna Adam
Teaming Manager

24/05/2023 13:06 h

Thank you very much, that a lot of new teamers support me, I do all for my animals, You can look on my side of facebook under

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Marianna Adam
Marianna Adam
Teaming Manager

26/04/2024 10:45 h

Thank you very much to all my team members for supporting me so actively, I am happy that you exist.

I have to tell you this, my heart is so heavy.

I don't know what's going on but I'm losing my mind!!!

Silver refused to eat tonight and after a while he started having bloody diarrhea.
An almost transparent liquid with blood to be precise.
He has no other symptoms and he just sits and stares at me and refuses to eat.

This is my 2nd animal in 4 days with exactly the same symptoms, after Charlie who has the exact same thing.

And as if all that wasn't enough, Bubuska threw up everything she ate, over and over again.

Both Charlie and Silver are animals with chronic health problems, but they have nothing to do with what is happening now and are generally in very good condition...

Silver is deaf, blind in one eye, neurological and five...
So far things have looked good overall.

He is one of my many disabled animals, so I take good care of him...

I dont know what to think?
This all seems unbelievable to me, my mind makes strange scenarios.

All this is unbearable, I have too many incidents in the veterinary clinic at the Piraeus Veterinary Center.

Greetings, Marianna

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Marianna Adam
Marianna Adam
Teaming Manager

26/01/2024 17:44 h

One of the 3 cat's in the Klinik. It is operated and we have wait for 48 hours, whether it will be alive.
The 2 others are also urgent waiting for OP and I hope, I will get Support from a lot of people, who read it at Facebook.

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