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Rainbow Association Charity Shop

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Since 2016 The Rainbow Association has been committed to improving the lives of animals by raising funds to support our agreed local charities that care for and re home animals in need. We care enough to try our hardest, we care because they care. If all of our supporters donated 1 euro every month that would make such a difference to so many animals. Follow us on Facebook - The Rainbow Association Charity Shop. We're located in Nouvell- Aquitane, France.

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Who we support?

Animal Charities & Organisations

The Rainbow Association Charity Shop is proud to donate to the following Associations and Organisations: Association Chats Association Equipaix Association Heliominos BigV Sanctuary Centre de Soins de la Faune Sauvage Chats de Gensac Darquinn Animal Rescue Les Amis Des Chats, Chateauponsac Les Chats De L’Isle Protection Animale 16 SPA de Cognac SPA de la Haute Vienne 87 SPA de Poitiers The Alice Foundation Twilight Ticket to Ride (Part of SPA de Poitiers) Bellac Cats

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Sue Snowden
Sue Snowden
Teaming Manager

13/11/2020 09:25 h

Just a note to those of you joining.
Thank you so much
Together we can help as many animals as possible. Xx

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Miriam Coumans
Miriam Coumans

11/11/2020 17:50 h

Lets get this going together!! your Mini Mousse

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