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We are raising funds to support scientific research into paediatric chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction, a rare and disabling disease of the digestive system known also as cipo or pipo. The journey to find a cure will be a long one but we will succeed with everyone's help. A single drop can do nothing. Many drops make a sea (Mother Teresa of Calcutta). Thank you for your help.

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Sosteniamo la ricerca scientifica sulla Poic

Associazione Poic e dintorni

Raccogliamo fondi per sostenere la ricerca scientifica sulla pseudo-ostruzione intestinale cronica pediatrica (Poic). Trovare una cura o un miglioramento terapeutico è impresa ardua ma ci riusciremo con l'aiuto di tutti. Una singola goccia non può fare nulla. Tante gocce formano un mare (Cit. Madre Teresa di Calcutta). Per ogni altra informazione www.poic-e-dintorni.org Grazie.

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Alessandro Palmitelli
Alessandro Palmitelli
Teaming Manager

27/09/2021 14:01 h

This is pediatric CIPO – Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction

Ornella Spada, President of the Association Poic e dintorni, lifts the veil on Pediatric Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction, a pathology recognised as rare and life-threating by the international medical community.

As the mother of a child affected by CIPO since birth, she introduces us to the clinical and management complexity of this invisible disease for which there are no cures or therapeutic solutions.

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