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Tierschutzverein Perelka e.V.-Teaming

Perelka e.V. is a little, registered foundation in 25358 Sommerland / Schleswig-Holstein. Since 2009 we help Wanda Jerzyk's three shelters in Poland. There are about 600 dogs and 120 cats in need. We are helping these dogs and cats in Poland through: regular food / donation transports to the shelters, monetary donations for castration/sterilization,medical supplies/treatment, doghouses, construction work ...

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Squirrel Protection

As a non-profit association Eichhörnchen Schutz e.V. we take care of orphaned and injured squirrel babies and adult emergency animals. Squirrels belong to the specially protected animal species. Their biological task: distributing tree seeds and planting trees - they are the gardeners of the forest. Although we helpers take care of protected wild animals, we do not receive any financial help from the state and are very happy about your help to save the little goblins.