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ResCat & Dog

Somos una asociacion dedicada al rescate animal en Valencia. Luchamos contra el abandono buscando hogares a nuestros peludos. Ayudanos para continuar sacando animales de la calle para que conozcan el calor de un hogar. Mil gracias

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Animal Rescue España

We rescue abandoned and mistreated animals all around Spain. With your support, all of us together can make this possible! Just 1 euro a month can help us a lot to make these animals' dreams come true!

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FOUNDATION HOPE & HELP: NO to the solitude of the people.

Social and non-profit entity that works in profit of the people that suffer of Mental Health, of Functional Diversity, the Violence of Gender, the illness of the addiction, by his place of origin (Immigration) or by the gender (LGTBI). It boosts the inclusion and the social relations through the programs of Volunteering Inclusive and Volunteering of Support and that give support to the greater person that lives alone with his animal of company.