Pakadora Association-PDA street cat colony care and management

Pakadora Association-PDA street cat colony care and management

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Paka Dora is a legally constituted Portuguese charity founded in 2022 to protect stray, abandoned, ill or at-risk animals, ensuring improved access to veterinary care and sterilisation to provide the animals with a happier, healthier, and more sustainable future. We are a small animal charity of two volunteers, we currently focus on caring for and managing street cat colonies in the Algarve, Portugal, Please support us so we can continue to help these cats that have a hard life on the streets.


Gabrielle shepherd
Gabrielle shepherd
Teaming Manager

19/05/2023 11:44 h

Thank you for for your support for PDA.
Life on the street is hard for cats. Over our time here, we’ve seen first-hand that street cats have nowhere to sleep, nothing to eat, and are often subject to abuse from those who don’t want them around. They get injured and often killed from dog attacks and hit by cars, and cases of cat colonies being poisoned have even been known. Several animal diseases are rife throughout the Algarve, and there is also a huge Feline HIV issue here, spread further by mating and sometimes injuries from fighting.
We make a difference to the lives of the cats. We have 2 sterilizing campaigns at the moment . We feed and manage 7 street cat colonies, that's 120 cats! We support other animal welfare organisations because together we are stronger! Thank you for supporting us so we can protect the street cats.

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