Nick Moore

Alicante, Spain

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Contributes every month: 12€ to 12 Groups

Since 07-11-2012 has contributed 843€

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Teaming Manager since:   09/05/2013

ASOKA ORIHUELA Help the dogs and cats.

Animal rescue in Orihuela. This TEAMING group raises funds for ASOKA Orihuela. Over the years the donations have helped buy collars and leads, food, surgery bills, transport costs and medication. The funds are vital and have made such a difference to our rescue work. Please add your ONE EURO a month, it really makes a difference. Our website is:

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Teamer since:  12/09/2015

Asociación Valencia Perrera Dogs

AVPD, Asociación Valencia Perrera Dogs, are a registered charity in Spain (G98900228). Our objective is to find rescue spaces and other safe and caring opportunities for the dogs saved from perreras (dog pounds) and for those found abandoned on the street.

1,064€ Raised

17 Teamers

Teamer since:  07/08/2016

Tranquila para Animales

Animal rescue, I rescue Dogs that are abandoned, and find them new homes. They nearly all come with health problems and the vet bills are horrendous. I struggle each month to pay for all the upkeep. If you could help it would take at least one worry off my mind. The Dog in the Photo is Pio, he came to me from that hell hole in Ourensa. I couldnt get near him when he came, gradually over the weeks, he learned to trust me. Look at him now. A smashing Lad. Thank you.

3,223€ Raised

93 Teamers

Teamer since:  23/03/2017

Vinculados. Protectora de Animales

- Acogemos y rehabilitamos animales abandonados - Les buscamos una adopción responsable - Abrimos nuestras puertas para educar en el respeto y el amor a los animales > Los fondos están vehiculados a través de una cuenta particular

181€ Raised

9 Teamers

Teamer since:  28/04/2018

Hope for Spanish Stray Dogs/ Zwerfdier In Nood

Donation are going to be send to Zwerfdier In Nood. You can help so many stray dogs with only €1,- a month! I am helping Spanish dogs that are abused or abandoned and homeless. Most organisations are always full so they can not take new dogs and puppies in, a killingshelter is not an option and leaving them on the street does mean they will be killed by a car or starve to death. Please help us raise money. Donations can also be sent to paypal:

5,828€ Raised

103 Teamers

Teamer since:  26/02/2019

por los casos extremos de peludos abandonados

Este grupo estara para los casos de animales abandonados, los cuales esten enfermos o bien necesiten operaciones urgentes,entre todos podemos ayudarlos a que tenga una segunda oportunidad, todos los casos son urgentes pero esto casos que son de maxima urgencia cuando esta por medio la mala salud, esos casos ya me enferman por no poder ayudarlos. Venga vamos entre todos a ayudarles,esto va por cote,pelos,rosi.leo,ellos necesitaron mucha ayuda economica para sus operaciones y medicacion, gracias

13,988€ Raised

261 Teamers

Teamer since:  28/03/2020

Asoka El Grande

Our dogs and cats need their food ration and their daily pills. Many of them are victims of accidents that require expensive surgeries and chronic diseases. In addition, in order to take care of them as they deserve, we must maintain our hostel with all the costs that this entails. If you become a teamer, contributing only € 1 per month, your money will help to pay those interventions, treatments and maintenance of all our animals. They will greatly appreciate it!

446€ Raised

14 Teamers

Teamer since:  18/10/2020

"Solidarity Reaction" - NGO

We are a group of volunteers who have been "reacting" to poverty and supporting the homeless in the city of Alicante since 2013. The purpose of this group is to make the Association known and, with your help, to be able to support more families who have no resources.

10,728€ Raised

324 Teamers

Teamer since:  08/03/2021

SOS PPP (perrera los barrios)

Grupo de teaming dedicado a la búsqueda de hogar y mejora de la condiciones de vida a los PPP abandonados en el campo de gibraltar que acaban en la perrera municipal de los barrios.

201€ Raised

24 Teamers

Teamer since:  09/03/2021

Jacobs Ridge Animal Sanctuary

Jacobs Ridge Animal Sanctuary requires more funding to first and foremost continue to offer food, care and a home to over 140 rescue animals. Thereafter, it is our aim to secure, develop and expand Jacobs Ridge by: creating larger paddocks with more secure and permanent fencing and shelters, creating a medical centre and quarantine areas and purchasing more land/relocate so our residents can live as close to wild as possible and we can rescue and home more animals in need.

124€ Raised

15 Teamers

Teamer since:  09/05/2021


En Arco Iris atendemos a familias con peques TRANS+, a profes con alumnado LGBTI+, a clubes para sensibilizar sobre la diversidad en el deporte... Ahora queremos seguir cambiando el mundo y podemos hacerlo con tu apoyo para crear materiales educativos que visibilicen la diversidad LGBTI+ desde la etapa infantil hasta la adulta: Cuentos, libros, exposiciones, talleres y cursos online en video para alumnado, profes y familias...

151€ Raised

23 Teamers

Teamer since:  02/07/2021

Stichting Zilver

Stichting Zilver bemiddelt katten en honden, voornamelijk uit drie asielen rondom Alicante, Asoka. Naast bemiddeling, proberen we ook zoveel mogelijk op locatie te helpen. Bijvoorbeeld donatie van voer, medische hulpmiddelen en overige zaken om het leven van de dieren in het asiel te veraangenamen. Daaronder vallen ook diverse projecten in asielen in Oost Europese landen. Deze bemiddeling brengt veel kosten met zich mee en is afhankelijk van donaties.

982€ Raised

81 Teamers

Teamer since:  05/07/2021

Apama Nature

Asociación para la Protección de los animales y medio ambiente, esta asociación se creó para ayudar a los animales abandonados e intentar que tengan una mejor vida, alimentarlos, llevarlos al veterinario e intentar en la medida de lo posible encontrarle un hogar.