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Rete dei Santuari

La Rete dei Santuari di Animali Liberi in Italia, nata nel 2014, è un’aggregazione di Rifugi e Santuari, presenti in varie regioni italiane, affini nel loro percorso e accomunati da una Carta dei Valori. Promuoviamo uno stile di vita in armonia tra tutte le specie animali e ci battiamo, in tutte le sedi, per la difesa dei diritti animali. Ci occupiamo di sequestri, adozioni, rapporti con le autorità per ottenere modifiche legislative, deroghe, etc #siamotutticuoriliberi #giùlemanidaisantuari

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Hope home

We dedicate our efforts to improve the life of stray cats, saving, recovering and finding a home for them, giving them the opportunity for a dignified life. We operate within our homes and give a temporary home to cats in distress until they have a suit of their own. We do not have any kind of help from public bodies. we work only thanks to our strength and the help of wonderful people who support us!

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Santuario La Capra Campa

We are a free animal shelter where around 80 animals removed from the production chain live. At the La Capra Campa farm goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, quails, pigs, donkeys, cattle, dogs and cats live free. They are our travel companions! In order to be able to support this great project and other small and large initiatives all linked to the vegan and anti-speciesist world, in February 2020 we founded, with a group of trusted friends, Il Soffio di Gea ODV association.