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TANAMERA Hunting Dog Rescue

Tanamera rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes Spanish hunting dogs. Without exception, they enter our shelter being only skin and bones and food is their first need. Our refuge suffers to pay the food bill for our dogs, that often need special food (liver / heart problems, recovery & puppy food). On average we need 335 euros PER MONTH to be able to give them the food they need. We need your help to ensure we can feed our dogs, not only today, but every month. Please help us feed them. Thank you!

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Rescue Group for Spanish Animals

Our group saves the mistreated and abandonned animals mostly in Granada in Spain. The group has been run for many years by Maria Gloria Salinas-Picon. All dogs that we take on as a group are taken first to the vet and treated irrespective of costs. For those who cannot go to a foster residency is paid which is 90E each month. All dogs will have a full health check, micro-chips and vaccinations as well as a passport. Pictures and videos are published on the FaceBook page of the group.

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Galgos del Sol

Galgos del Sol es una protectora situada en Murcia, España. Nos dedicamos a rescatar galgos abandonados y heridos para rehabilitarlos y encontrarles hogares para siempre en diferentes partes del mundo. Miles de galgos son abandonados o asesinados cada año al final de la temporada de caza. Galgos del Sol depende totalmente de donaciones para su supervivencia únete a nuestro grupo y cambia las vidas de muchos de ellos. Muchas gracias.

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Asociación Protectora (APAPA)

ONG Teaming Asociación Protectora de Animales y Plantas de Ayamonte (APAPA) para ayuda a esta protectora que se responsabiliza de los perros y gatos de la costa de Huelva Desde 1€ al mes, o la cantidad que tú elijas, nos ayudas a ayudar a su alimentación , ayuda económica para afrontar costosas operaciones quirúrgicas y sus tratamientos veterinarios, o casos dramáticos de rescate. Anímate: es fácil, sencillo, y sin comisiones. Te esperamos!!!!

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Helping Kitten Paws

We are a family that takes care of approximately 60 colony cats in the Torrevieja area in Spain. Colony cats are cats that don't live in a house, but who call a certain place outside their home. We feed these cats and provide medical care. The costs per week for just food is around 40 euros, adding the medical care this is too much for us to fund. We also rescue sick or abandoned kittens and take them in our home to provide care. Once they are ready, we find suitable homes for them.