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Multi Kulti Doggroup Polenz e.V. in Saxony

We are like a open Shelter and Pension for Strays here in Germany. Over 100 Dogs are in our Care and live with us. When they are healthy, some of them get a new Home and we search beste Hands. Old Dogs and sick dogs stay with us forever here. We are happy for all support we get, cause its ever a lot to do and to pay. New Buildings, Veterinary, Food...all we have monthly. We live in Saxony (Germany) and do this so many Years.

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Help D&D animals!!

We Care About StraysFoundation !We are an authorised foundation that helps animals without owners ,from the streets from 2 cities from Romania:Botosani and Dorohoi!We have a private shelter where we put stray dogs that we found on the streets with serious problems,that people abandon in our care (more then 200).We have a private shelter for strays cats with 148 cats .We have goats,rabbits ,storks,hens,pigeons etc .All of them need food and shelter.We also feed 200 dogs from public shelter

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Horse In Need

Horse In Need kümmert sich um in Not geratene Pferde und Esel, die größtenteils nicht mehr vermittelt werden können, da sie alt und krank sind. Hier werden dringend Spenden gebraucht, da diese Tiere sonst keine Chance auf ein Leben hätten.