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MayaCat Rescue-Every life is worth saving

It all started with the street cat Maya, you can find her story on our Facebook page. The Mayacat Rescue team takes care of street cats on the island of Korcula with a lot of love and heart. Street cats will be treated and neutered with your donation. Street kittens come to care homes, are treated, chipped, tested, vaccinated, neutered and placed in a loving forever home. Let us fight together against the unbearable suffering of the street cats.

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Pfotenfreunde Varna

Pfotenfreunde Varna is a bulgarian registered nonprofit organization founded by a group of volunteers. We are dedicated to rescue as many paw friends as possible from suffering on the streets. In our opinion the primary way to save so many lives is by means of prevention. We believe that reducing the overpopulation will lead to fewer animals subjected to cruelty and abuse. We are an all-volunteer group and we need your support. You can help saving lives by donating for neuter a homeless animal.

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Isabella's Tea Cup Rescue Cat Shelter Athens Greece

Tea Cup Rescue is a very small team. that tries to create a green oasis for cats, small farm animals and injured wild life in an urban mini farm setting. We aim to provide stray care, whilst creating a human friendly down to earth enviroment

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Cat House Bulgaria

Cat House es un pequeño refugio de gatos en Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Nuestro entregado equipo de voluntarios salva a gatos de la dura vida de la calle, los ofrece tratamiento médico, los vacuna, los esteriliza y los cuida. El refugio alberga de manera regular entre 60 y 70 gatos, para los que buscamos hogares en Alemania y otros países europeos. Como no somos una asociación, nos financiamos exclusivamente con donaciones. ¡Cada céntimo donado va dirigido a los gatos!