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Bodegueros Buscando Hogar

Grup creat per afrontar i donar una ràpida resposta a Bodegueros que estan abandonats al carrer en situació d'extrema necessitat o presos a les gosseres amb greu risc per les seves vides i poder rescatar sufragant les seves primeres necessitats veterinàries, cost sortida gossera, residència i trasllat, possibilitant així que surtin del seu abandonament buscant-los acollida o plaça en una protectora, on estaran fora de perill fins que tinguin família i llar.

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Los Mejores Amigos is a non-profit shelter located in the Province of Albacete in Spain; a province where there is a lot of animal cruelty, mistreatment and mass abandonment. Los Mejores Amigos collects endangered and / or abandoned animals and gives them a new life at the shelter, while looking for a home for them. The shelter's capacity is up to 50 dogs. If you want to know the refuge, come visit our website Thank you in advance for your support.

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Grupo de Ayuda a Bodegueros

Grupo de Ayuda a Bodegueros Asociación que lucha contra el maltrato y abandono del Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz .

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Asociación GatoPerro

We are rescued from stray animals and taken out of Chiclana's kennel. We keep 25/30 animals continuously in shelters that we cover their nutrition, and some medications are in residence, (€ 100 / month) As soon as they are rescued, WE BID FOR THE IMMEDIATE VETERINARY ATTENTION, without limits, We are endorsed by more than 100 animals ADOPTED annually and many years of experience. But for all this we need the help of all of you. COLABORA UNETE DONA ..

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Defense Animal Asociacion Almendralejo

We have just founded an association dedicated to help defend any animal in the province of Badajoz. In order to obtain a shelter and carry out all the actions that we are going to undertake, we need a small economic aid. Our work will be constant, tolerance 0, we will send the difference and you can be part of it.