Marjo Laamers


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Teamer in 1 Groups

Contributes every month: €2 to 2 Groups

Since 25-07-2019 has contributed €61

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Teaming Manager since:   25/07/2019

Stichting Kittenplace

Deze stichting vangt zwangere poezen in nood op. Na de bevalling worden de mama’s gesteriliseerd en gaan terug naar het gezin waar ze vandaan kwamen. Zo niet, dan wordt er voor de mama’s en de kittens een liefdevol gouden mandje gezocht. Kittens zonder mama worden 24/7 met de fles grootgebracht.

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Teamer since:  02/05/2022

Animal protection Crete need help

We support a private animal charity on Crete. Sarah, a Swiss woman, lovingly and extremely self-sacrificingly takes care of durchlfd. about 40 cats & 35 dogs and works tirelessly to change the way the locals think. She takes in strays and sick animals at home or sets up feeding stations, nurses them back to health and helps them lead a life worth living. Strength & power is there, unfortunately there is always a lack of money for a doctor, food & accessories. 1EURO=1000THANKS