Marina Gavin-Mills

Málaga, Spain

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Axarquia Animal Rescue

AXARQUIA ANIMAL RESCUE is a registered charity, run by volunteers and dedicated to saving lives and re-homing abandoned and abused animals. ALL donations go directly to help the animals in our care and are very much appreciated. AXARQUIA ANIMAL RESCUE, asociacion benefica registrada, somos voluntarios, y esta dedicada a salvar las vidas y buscar hogar a los animales abandonados y maltratados.TODAS las donaciones van directamente para ayudar a los animales bajo nuestro cuidado.Muchas gracias

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Lux Mundi

Fundación sin animo de lucro, con el objetivo de unir a las personas, culturas e iglesias en beneficio de los mas necesitados.

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A team Rehoming Group

Para quién recaudo dinero The 27th of August we started a project" rehoming feral kittens". This is now the third part!!In a small wooden house( now a shelter) i rehabilitate kittens till they get over , and thanks to all of you we find families and get the resources we need to pay all the expenses. Wonderful people helping together..we are now "a big family.

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Teamer since:  12/10/2020

Canillas de Aceituno cat neutering programme

Funds raised will go directly to neutering and caring for the street cats of Canillas de Aceituno, a little village in the Axarquia region of Spain. With a small team I have neutered more than 250 cats over the past five years. Without neutering, female cats are exhausted by continual pregnancies and the majority of the kittens do not survive to adulthood. Entire males receive injuries fighting, often losing an eye. Your support of this cause will help to prevent loss of life and suffering.