Canillas de Aceituno cat neutering programme

Canillas de Aceituno cat neutering programme

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Funds raised will go directly to neutering and caring for the street cats of Canillas de Aceituno, a little village in the Axarquia region of Spain. With a small team I have neutered more than 250 cats over the past five years. Without neutering, female cats are exhausted by continual pregnancies and the majority of the kittens do not survive to adulthood. Entire males receive injuries fighting, often losing an eye. Your support of this cause will help to prevent loss of life and suffering.

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To neuter cats from the five colonies that I feed daily at my own expense

To benefit the street cats of Canillas de Aceituno and their neighbours

To continue my mission to neuter every street cat in the colonies that I feed. Funds will go to my personal account only to save money on bank charges. All monies received will go only to the neutering and medical costs of the colonies, and includes transport and vaccinations for occasional rehoming. I pay for their food from my own pension. A link to the Facebook album which shows all the 100+ cats neutered in the last two years:

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Debbie Black
Debbie Black
Teaming Manager

25/09/2021 10:20 h

Although the main purpose of the group is to neuter cats, I have also been able to find homes for some kittens and young cats in the last few months. Lola and Tallulah, Elvis and Cliff, Zaire and Evangelista, and Nocturne who has just gone to a lovely home in Holland. I continue to concentrate on neutering but will rehome when I can. I am caring for Angel, who has limited use of her back legs and is incontinent, and her companion Amber. I hope to find a permanent home for them soon.

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Irene Duncan

14/10/2020 23:19 h

I am so happy to be a part of Debbie's teaming group. It is good to see the group growing - to date (15 October), I see there are 26 teamers! We won't miss our euro a month contributions and I look forward to the number of teamers doubling, quadrupling..... and more, as the word spreads. The bigger the team grows, the more cats Debbie will be able to help, it's such a great cause, so easy to join, .

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