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SoS Zwerfhonden

We are a group of volunteers who help stray dogs of Antalya (Turkey), who live in terrible conditions: they are run over or shot at for fun, chained up, maltreated, starved and hurt. The non-profit organisation is headed by Marina and Linn, who run a shelter and feeding grounds in Antalya. They catch the dogs that are incapable of surviving on their own, give them food and the medical care they need and find them a good home abroad.

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Open Arms

Nos necesitaban en el mar, y ahora también en tierra. Hoy, Open Arms se suma a los equipos sanitarios, que ya han iniciado tareas para frenar el contagio en residencias de personas mayores, y pone a disposición de la Administración un operativo de 30 vehículos y más de 70 voluntarios, con la formación necesaria, para acceder al mayor número de residencias afectadas. Realizamos pruebas para determinar los casos positivos COVID-19 y tomar las medidas sanitarias adecuadas.

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Villa Vacht

Villa Vacht is a lifetime sanctuary for paralyzed cats, located in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. Our goal is to provide a paradise for special needs cats, to bring awareness about the risks of free roaming outdoor cats and to spread the word amongst owners & veterinarians that paralyzed cats can have a beautiful life if you are willing to make some efforts. They just need a chance! We also provide help to owners to take care of their paralyzed friends. Thank you Loode & Kim

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Sasha shelter Serbia

Sasha takes care of 800 unwanted dogs .. – this has never been his dream - but the dogs are there, waiting for food, waiting for help.. every day..again. The dogs are kept in packs, they run free for 8 hours per day, they eat, rest and play together. They are safe. Safe from the dangers of the street and humans. We help them with food and basic medication. We also run a sterilization program and try to improve care for the old and weaker dogs and abandoned pups.