Marc Rovira Jordana

Barcelona, Spain

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We are Firefighters of Barcelona and we want to finance social projects in which we participate. In 2020 we have 4 projects to support: the EREC team, which helps Syrian refugees, in June a local NGO for children through the Nautical Mile, at Christmas to buy toys for Epiphany's Day campaign for children from families in difficulty and finally we will reserve a part for exceptional emergencies. Give us your support!

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UNHCR Spanish Committee

Every minute, 24 men, women and children are forced to flee their homes to escape violence and persecution. UNHCR is responsible for protecting and assisting refugees and displaced people as well as promoting durable solutions to their situation. COVID19 has increased the living complexity in refugee camps, where UNHCR is strengthening hygiene and health-care. With 2€ we can buy a 250g bar of soap for one person (7 days). Can you help us? +info: