Kerstin Meidl

Kerstin Meidl

Baleares (Illes), Espanya

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Smeura - Tierhilfe Hoffnung helfen aufzuklären, Überpopulation durch Kastra

As per Guinnes Book of World Rekords the Smeura is bearing the mournful title of being the biggest animal shelter of the world. Around 5400 dogs and 600 puppies need around 2.7 tonnes food per day. The staff members are doing an inconceivable job - organizationally, physically and emotionally. Driving around with a castration van and pushing the clearing up of the locals. Every euro is needed. There are some pictures in the project description.

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Gatos de Capdepera

Asociación protectora de animales. Disponemos de un refugio y colonias salvajes. Nuestros gastos son de alimentación, veterinario, mantenimiento del refugio y costes de viaje en caso de adopciones fuera del país. Como generalmente la capacidad del refugio está al límite o sobrepasada, las facturas de veterinario son importantes, ya que además de esterilización, tests y vacunas, hacemos todo lo posible por los animales enfermos.

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dog friends portugal

We purpose the goal to provide sustainablee assistance on the spot. We don't want to bring tons of dogs to Germany. No. The only way to fight the uncontrolled increase of dog population and cavalcade of pups to local shelters sustainably is to neuter. We support local organizations to supply animals medically and appropriately. Together we organize neuter campaigns to achieve sustainable improvement of the local situation. For all this every Euro is needed. Thanks

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Yes We Can! Spays for Hope!

Neuter and Spay is the only way to humanely reduce the suffering of strays. In Romania. In Greece. Anywhere actually. With our Teaming Group we mostly help spay campaigns supported by the charities Dierennood, WereldAsielen, Help Honden Roemenië and Skylos Strays. We help in Romania. In Greece. We help in other countries. Each spay counts! Please join us, help us get more Teamers! It's only one euro a month, but it does count! All together we can help make a difference! Thank you!!!

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Wir sind eine private Organisation auf Mallorca und retten Katzen vor Ort | ausgesetzt - krank - von der Strasse - aus allen Notfallsituationen | Bei uns werden sie tierärztlich versorgt, kastriert, dürfen zu neuen Kräften kommen, sind in Sicherheit | sobald sie bereit & gesund sind, suchen sie einen Sofaplatz auf Lebenszeit. Aktuell versorgen wir täglich um die 150 Katzen - in unserem Katzen-Refugio, auf externen Pflegestellen und auf der Strasse.