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Wir sind eine Tierschutzorganisation, die Streunern und schwer traumatisierten, kranken und alten Straßenhunden eine zweite Chance gibt. Die Chance auf Liebe, Wärme und Geborgenheit. Denn Hunde sind unser Leben. Wir schauen nicht weg - wir verändern!

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Medical Volunteers International e.V. - medical help in Greece!

MVI is a NGO, aiming to provide free and worthy medical care for refugees and vulnerable people, who can not access other services. In Athens, Thessaloniki and on Lesvos we are working in international volunteer teams of medics, supported by interpreters from the refugee community, to fulfil this mission. In our clinics we are treating approx. 1800 patients each month. We just help! But we need your help to keep these projects running and cover our monthly costs. www.medical-volunteers.org

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Never Walk Alone e.V.

We are a charity that looks after suffering animals in greece.we are currently feeding approximately 3000 dogs who live in shelters ( thessaloniki komotoni koani,giannitsa) where the animals are cared for with food and medical attention and where the dogs are also spayed and neutered whenever possible.Due to the sheer numbers of dogs in need we also rely heavily on foster places which we also have to pay for.for all this and more we are in desperate need of help!