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APAC - As. Protectora Amigos del Caballo

APAC Caballos is a Rescue Centre in La Xara, Denia, set up to defend & protect horses and offer a second chance by adoption. We are a non-profit organisation and run by support of our Volunteers. Your Support enables us be able to re-home and care for all of our horses, the abused ones, the older ones, the damaged ones, all who have paid there dues and are looking for a quiet peaceful retirement. This Association is totally based on donations and all your help is essential to help the horses.

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Operation Care Package - Supporting Royal Navy Recruits

Just an update on the Operation care Package Teaming page, unfortunately we have had to suspend the Teaming Donation Group due the UK banks charging £1.50 for the exchange of the 1€ on top of the donation. As the account is suspended no more money will be taken from your account to date. We have received 31€ in total and this money will be forwarded to the GoFundMe page we have set up in Pounds Stirling. Your support was really appreciated, Thank You.

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Protectora de Villena

La Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Plantas de Villena (SPAPV) es una asociación creada en 1982 cuya finalidad es entre otras el cuidado, la protección y la búsqueda de hogar a los perros y gatos abandonados. Nuestra máxima es el NO sacrificio. Actualmente tenemos cerca de 300 perros y unos 70 gatos, y cada año se recogen una media de 600 perros y 200 gatos abandonados. #uneuropor #ProtectoradeVillena

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Nórdicos en Adopción

Rescatamos perros de Raza Nórdica, huskys, malamutes, samoyedos... y todos sus cruces. Los que están en riesgo de sacrificio en perreras, abandonados, los que malviven atados.., o a los que ya no pueden hacerse cargo de ellos. Les rescatamos, les llevamos al veterinario, les buscamos una acogida o una residencia y les buscamos un buen hogar. Y GRACIAS a vuestra aportación podemos hacer todas estas cosas. Gracias y mil veces GRACIAS.

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Javea Feral Cat Association

A legal, not for profit organisation aimed at reducing the number of kittens born to feral and stray cats in Javea by using a Trap-Neuter- Release programme.

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Kittens In Distress Charity - Alicante, Spain

PLEASE DONATE & MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR JUST 1 EURO PER MONTH We are a registered charity, which helps cats and kittens find loving homes; giving them medical treatment, vaccinations and also neutering as many strays as possible so there will be less abandoned or killed in the future. The charity uses a personal bank account to collect donations. We rely solely on the generosity of the public to make this happen. We don't receive any funding from the local Government. PLEASE JOIN US!!