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Over 240 dogs are looking for a better way of life everyday but there is a hard reality of it is not coming true. If they are lucky enough, they get 1 bag of kibble every day, which means 0.083 Grams each. This is far too little and you can see the harsh results. There is also a serious shortage of all kinds of medication. The females also need to be sterilized to prevent further litter. Vaccinations are also a necessity. Please help them with these fundamental essentials. Thanxxx.

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Happy together for Dogs

Daniela Gruevska is helping Dogs/Animals in Macedonië. She takes care of about 200 dogs. We set up this group to provide the 200 dogs with food, to vaccinate and to sterilize them, as long as they do not receive government support (there are negotiations going on). We hope that you will help us by making monthly contributions. Helping animals in need: J.G. Linterman

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Stichting Second Chance Foundation icm Animal in Need

De Nederlandse Stichting Second Chance Foundation (SCF) steunt Animal in Need. Een asiel, in 2005 opgericht door Peter Koekebakker (ook gezien in 'De Reünie' en 'Shownieuws'), waar gemiddeld ruim 500 dieren opgevangen en verzorgd worden door vele vrijwilligers. Dit asiel bevindt zich in La Linea de la Concepcion in Spanje. Helaas is Peter op 30 maart 2019 overleden. Zijn missie wordt voortgezet. Voor meer informatie of volg ons via Facebook Animal in Need SCF.