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Support Sappho's Stray Cats

Do you want to help us? In addition to helping with the mediation of adoptions of kittens and cats, Sappho's also want to supports the fosters on Lesvos in the medical costs of cats who are brought in injured. The adoptionfee is just enough to pay the actual costs to the vet and flight. Would you like to help to alleviate the suffering of these cats on the island of Lesbos? Support us with your fixed contribution of 1 euro per month. Help us to help!

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Be our GaGa Friend

(ENG) To support the dog shelter GaGa Animal Care on Lesbos! Our continuous projects: * shelter and care * neutering and sterilisation of dogs and cats * education * feeding programs // (NED) Support voor de hondenopvang GaGa Animal Care op Lesbos! Onze doorlopende projecten: * opvang en verzorging van honden * sterilisatie en castratie van honden en katten * educatie * (winter) voer programma's

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Kat & Doof

-meer bekendheid maken over doofheid bij katten -eigenaars van dove katten helpen met hun vragen en problemen -uitleg geven wat doofheid is bij katten -uitleg geven hoe de omgang met dove katten -helpen herplaatsen dove kat via andere kanalen -bemiddelen bij het herplaatsen of problemen -coaching en nazorg -onderhoud eigen website - momenteel 10 dove katten in opvang, gastgezin voor dove kat in nood -helpen via andere kanalen

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Lesvos streetdogs need you

Most of you knows that Brandy was born on the streets of Petra on Lesvos. There are still a lot of straydogs and not every dog is so lucky as Brandy to be adopted. Please support us with 1 euro per month and please don't wait. I'll transfer the money to Rebecca Michaelides so she can use the money for food and vet bills. Do it now before you will forget it! Thanks!!!

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Donkey-Center Lesvos

We are a non profit making organization and we care for animals that have been abandoned by their owners, having rescued them we bring back to health and give them a place to get old in a good way. We specialize in the care of donkeys and dogs. We need to raise money for veterinary costs and food. We are the only donkey shelter on Lesvos, will you please give 1€ per month.