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Rhodes Animal Welfare Shelter

I discovered RAWS while vacationing on this beautiful island. The animals are there unfortunately often abused. The staff and volunteers of this shelter do their utmost to collect, care for, sterilize / castrate and make them adopted abroad where a better life expects them. 350 dogs are in this shelter designed for 100. but employees and volunteers are great. The shelter is in constant search of material donations but also of volunteers on site or of "flight companions". Thank you for your help!

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Tierfreunde Kalamata Luxemburg

I met Christelle and learn about the association during a repatriation of dogs from the refuge of Rhodes. She was very available to answer all my questions. I could also meet her and by this group I would like to make a contribution. The association helps the dogs of the refuge of Kalamata (care, food, repatriation) but also organizes sterilization / castration missions for the dogs of the private individuals.

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APEGAL Association pour la Protection Et Gestion de l'Animal Libre

Notre objectif:offrir une prise en charge globale des animaux errants, en particulier les chats pour les protéger (statut d’animal libre). Un chat errant n’a aucune existence légale, il n’a pas de propriétaire, il prolifère. Il peut devenir source de nuisances. Il se cache, il a peur, il a froid, il a faim. IL SURVIT.NOUS EN FAISONS DES CHATS LIBRES.