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Adopt a cat on Kythira

Please help me help the cats on Kythira, €1,- will by 1 kg of dry food will provide at least 1 cat from food for 10 days. for more information you can visit the website: or follow me on Facebook: Irene Op Kythira Thank you for your support

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Irene op Kythira / Adopt a cat

my name is Irene and I live and work on the beautiful Greek island Kythira for 15 years now, here I take care of the stray cats of the island, I have developed a feeding station and placed 28 of them around the island, I feed about 700 cats and at my home I have a shelter for cats with handicaps, at the moment 40 cats, that for there own safety cannot live in the "wild" because they are blind, deaf, paralyzed etc. for more information visit the website or follow me on FB .. THANKS