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Malayaka House rescues orphaned and abandoned children in Uganda and offers them a new life with new opportunities. We provide a secure home where our children can thrive in an environment of love, equality and respect. We support them with nutrition, education, and vocational training. We can do a lot for them with your monthly euro donation! Join our Friends of Malayaka House group and become a member of our large family! :) From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

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Nina's Home is a non-profit association that raises funds in Spain to help abandoned and/or abused animals of shelters in Uganda. Our mission is to help partner organizations in Uganda that rescue stray animals from situations of cruelty, neglect and mistreatment, taking them to their shelters where they give them veterinary care, food and rehabilitation, while they look for good-hearted people who want to adopt them.

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Im Süden Äthiopiens, in einer ländlichen Region mit sehr geringen wirtschaftlichen Ressourcen, befindet sich das Gambo-Missionskrankenhaus. Es bietet allen Einwohnern der Region erschwingliche Gesundheitsversorgung und nimmt selbst die ärmsten Menschen aus entlegenen Gebieten auf. Die Bevölkerung leidet unter schwerer Unterernährung, Dehydration, Malaria, Tuberkulose, AIDS, Lungenentzündung, Meningitis usw. Und Kinder sind am stärksten gefährdet und am häufigsten betroffen.

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La Gatoteca

ABRIGA is a NGO that helps cats, G86682937. We are in the process of reopening our great La Gatoteca project in Madrid and we need all your help! The process to adapt the premises and make it a place of well-being for cats and humans is a process with high costs. Much of it is provided by ABRIGA, but we continue to need more support from our most beloved catters to be able to make this dream come true again!

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Proyecto Gloria

Asociación Proyecto Gloria, entidad sin ánimo de lucro que nace de la iniciativa personal de su presidenta Gloria Iglesias, es una iniciativa diseñada para favorecer el proceso de inserción social y laboral de personas con problemas de drogadicción y enfermos de VIH/SIDA en riesgo de exclusión social. La asociación desarrolla distintos proyectos con el fin de aumentar la calidad de vida y el bienestar de este sector de la población.

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Protectora de Animales "Os Palleiros"

Somos una asociación sin ánimo de lucro, protectora de animales, que desempeñamos nuestra labor en Pontevedra desde hace más de 12 años. Cuidamos de perros abandonados en nuestro refugio y promovemos su adopción.

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Héroes de 4 Patas es un ONG sin ánimo de lucro, que se dedica a la búsqueda de hogar a perros que han estado al Servicio de la Sociedad. Son perros pertenecientes a diferentes instituciones (Fuerzas y Cuerpos de Seguridad del Estado, Policías Autonómicas, Locales, Bomberos, Seguridad Privada, etc..) que consideramos, que tras años de trabajo merecen una jubilación digna y de calidad. Buscamos FINALES FELICES para los que durante mucho tiempo lo han dado todo por nosotros!!

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Solidarios sin Fronteras. Water For Yemen

We give DRINKING WATER to families in Yemen, displaced from their homes by the war. They suffered an epidemic of cholera since 2017, one of the highest mortalities from COVID19 in the world and a shocking infant mortality. With your EURO we buy and fill WATER TANKS in camps for displaced persons and in schools. We currently have 31 in 3 camps and 13 in 5 schools. (710 thousand liters / month) Yemen needs more water to save lives! 1€ pays 115 liters. JOIN US, you are necessary!