Help the dogs from Public Shelter Breasta, Romania

Help the dogs from Public Shelter Breasta, Romania

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A group created to help the dogs and puppies, condemned to death in the Public Shelter Breasta. Your monthly contribution will pay for food and veterinary treatment and help the team of volunteers to save as many dogs as possible.

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The Dogs in Breasta Public Shelter

Breasta Shelter Dogs

This group is for the dogs in Breasta Public Shelter, Romania. Dogs in this shelter have a limited amount of time before they are killed so a group of volunteers try to move as many as possible to a safe shelter where their accommodation has to be paid for until they find permanent homes. Volunteers also buy food the dogs in Breasta and are always in need of funds for veterinary treatments as many of the dogs are sick or elderly.

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Susan Carvell
Susan Carvell
Teaming Manager

25/03/2020 12:49 h

Thank you to everyone who has joined the Breasta Dogs Teaming Group. €36 has been transferred today. There have been so many puppies with parvovirus lately and this poor boy had a stroke recently and also needed medical treatment so the donation this month will be used towards the veterinary costs.

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